Four Seasons

Once per season. Once in a while. Our signature series ‘Four Seasons’ features four all-skin-type soaps in every season, nourishing your skin’s daily needs during every seasonal change.

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Marigold Herbal Soap

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I’ve been struggling with acne on my back for a while, but I found relief after using Daily Soaps. These soaps are made from natural ingredients and are harmless to the environment. I highly recommend them!

I was thoroughly impressed with the meticulous and sincere service provided at this shop. The shop owner patiently introduced me to her soaps and explained various usage methods.

I was initially hesitant to use handmade soaps for cleansing my face as I thought it would leave my skin feeling dry. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Daily Soaps did not have that effect on my skin. Additionally, they are very cost-effective!

I was impressed with the quality of ingredients used in the soaps and the shop owner’s recommendations that catered to my specific needs. The soap packaging was also beautifully designed. Overall, my skin felt smooth and I highly recommend these soaps!

These soaps are super great! They don’t leave your skin feeling dry after use. The shop owner makes the soap with care and insists on not using palm oil, contributing to both environmental and skin health. It’s definitely worth supporting!

My skin is very sensitive when the season changes, and I am always worried. The shop owner is such a kind person and patiently explained to me which handmade soap to use. She recommended the Honey Oat Soap, and after using it for a while, my skin condition has improved. I feel less stressed, and from now on, I will be switching to natural products. Thank you to the shop owner!

People with sensitive skin can always find a soap that suits them here. The soaps are simple and refreshing, and do not leave your skin feeling tight. Instead, they provide a light and refreshing feeling. I highly recommend it!

I have sensitive skin that easily turns red and gets bumps, especially during hot and humid weather, which makes my skin worse. The shop owner was patient with me and helped me analyse my skin despite my many questions! After using the Honey Oat Soap that she recommended, my skin has really improved, and I am so happy! I must give this shop a good review! 👍👍👍 👍👍👍

In the summertime, I am always troubled by eczema. I have previously tried different handmade soaps, but the natural handmade soaps from this shop impressed me greatly upon my first use. I must mention that the shop owner is very attentive and patiently introduces the effects of each soap.

Such a great experience! They were very understanding and accommodating to my needs, with a sincere and responsible attitude. They delivered on time, and the quality was excellent. I would definitely recommend them to my friends. Keep up the good work!


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