Four Seasons

Once per season. Once in a while. Our signature series ‘Four Seasons’ features four all-skin-type soaps in every season, nourishing your skin’s daily needs during every seasonal change.

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Marigold Herbal Soap

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I’ve been struggling with acne on my back for a while, but I found relief after using Daily Soaps. These soaps are made from natural ingredients and are harmless to the environment. I highly recommend them!

I was thoroughly impressed with the meticulous and sincere service provided at this shop. The shop owner patiently introduced me to her soaps and explained various usage methods.

I was initially hesitant to use handmade soaps for cleansing my face as I thought it would leave my skin feeling dry. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Daily Soaps did not have that effect on my skin. Additionally, they are very cost-effective!

I was impressed with the quality of ingredients used in the soaps and the shop owner’s recommendations that catered to my specific needs. The soap packaging was also beautifully designed. Overall, my skin felt smooth and I highly recommend these soaps!

These soaps are super great! They don’t leave your skin feeling dry after use. The shop owner makes the soap with care and insists on not using palm oil, contributing to both environmental and skin health. It’s definitely worth supporting!

My skin is very sensitive when the season changes, and I am always worried. The shop owner is such a kind person and patiently explained to me which handmade soap to use. She recommended the Honey Oat Soap, and after using it for a while, my skin condition has improved. I feel less stressed, and from now on, I will be switching to natural products. Thank you to the shop owner!

People with sensitive skin can always find a soap that suits them here. The soaps are simple and refreshing, and do not leave your skin feeling tight. Instead, they provide a light and refreshing feeling. I highly recommend it!

I have sensitive skin that easily turns red and gets bumps, especially during hot and humid weather, which makes my skin worse. The shop owner was patient with me and helped me analyse my skin despite my many questions! After using the Honey Oat Soap that she recommended, my skin has really improved, and I am so happy! I must give this shop a good review! 👍👍👍 👍👍👍

In the summertime, I am always troubled by eczema. I have previously tried different handmade soaps, but the natural handmade soaps from this shop impressed me greatly upon my first use. I must mention that the shop owner is very attentive and patiently introduces the effects of each soap.

Such a great experience! They were very understanding and accommodating to my needs, with a sincere and responsible attitude. They delivered on time, and the quality was excellent. I would definitely recommend them to my friends. Keep up the good work!



最近香港天氣非常潮濕,手工皂容易濕漉漉,應該如何保存?店主之前曾經分享使用和保存手工皂的個人習慣,希望幫助大家讓手工皂更耐用,這次再分享一下常見的一些手工皂NG保存方式! [...]


夏天快到了,不少人都發現自己的皮膚容易出油,容易出油是不是等於油性肌膚?這次店主跟大家分享一下不同膚質的特點,讓你了解自己的皮膚屬性,以及不同膚質適合的手工皂成分,幫助你選擇合適的護膚品,改善皮膚問題,養成水潤美肌。 [...]


踏入潮濕的天氣,家中浴室總是濕漉漉,手工皂怎樣保存才好?使用起來的時候,又怎樣可以避免手工皂潮濕,延長手工皂的壽命?店主都是手工皂的長期用家,分享幾個個人習慣,簡簡單單保存手工皂,也讓一件手工皂用足幾個月! [...]


很多人一拿起手工皂,便習慣放在鼻子前聞聞香味。手工皂跟香味彷彿密不可分,不少人都習慣了手工皂必然有香味,究竟手工皂有香味好嗎?如何選擇有香味的手工皂?這次跟大家分享一下。 [...]


天皂首次擺市集!我們將參與5月28-29日於荃灣D‧PARK愉景新城L1中庭舉行的「SOHO MARKET Love Nature 」慈善Pop-up,首次舉辦市集期間限定的手工皂「裸買」店,「裸買」的意思是購買無包裝的產品,減少浪費。天皂市集限定店全店手工皂9折,「裸買」可獲額外95折,疫情放緩,不如周末來逛逛,來個「裸買」初體驗!此外,店主也準備了很多市集限定的手工皂,這裏分享一下。 [...]


跟客人聊天的時候,有客人說買小店的皂來做「肌斷食」,近年也愈來愈多人提到「肌斷食」,究竟「肌斷食」是甚麼?「肌斷食」由日本修復燒燙傷權威宇津木龍一的書《肌斷食:立即丟掉你的保養品及化妝品,99%的肌膚煩惱都能改善!》提出,是近年日本很流行的「極簡美肌法」,認為愈是花錢買護膚品,使用林林總總總的護膚品,反而令肌膚的狀況愈差,摒棄化學品,不用化妝品、卸妝油和潔面乳,只用純皂和清水清潔皮膚,讓肌膚「斷食」,回復健康。 [...]


疫情之下,清潔品成為了抗疫必須品,清潔品的種類繁多,價格也飆升。很多朋友都會購買價格較貴的「殺菌洗手液」或「殺菌肥皂」,有客人也問店主,我們的手工皂可以殺菌嗎?有沒有「殺菌手工皂」供選購?這次店主跟大家分享一下「殺菌肥皂」和「抗菌/殺菌洗手液」這回事。 [...]


近日疫情嚴峻,面對持續不下的疫情,店主跟大家一樣感到心很累,抗疫疲勞在所難免,但還原基本步,抗疫有效的方法仍然是戴口罩和勤洗手,大家居家抗疫都要注意洗手清潔,病菌就沒那麼容易入屋埋身啦!店主跟大家分享一下肥皂洗手的冷知識,究竟肥皂洗手如何對抗病毒? [...]